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  1. tsurk

    Heroic Sha Down

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  2. tsurk


  3. tsurk


    <CENTER> Grats guys and girl </CENTER>
  4. tsurk

    Anomaly @ Minecraft

    After suffering from massive piss poor attrition from our members getting bored of the game, our GM quitting, Our Main Tank Quitting, Rift... We've decided to move on to bigger and better things. We have decided to form now as a minecraft guild, located on our own minecraft server @ server...
  5. tsurk

    10 man HM Lich King Down

    Anomaly is seeking large E-peens Why not throw in an app?, They're totally private
  6. tsurk

    Professor Putricide 25 H Down

    After having an 8% wipe the night before.. We managed to come in once again the next day to solidify our #2 spot on Skullcrusher. The race for LK HM isnt over. And we're looking forward to finishing off this expansion with a different ending. Huge picture and grats!!
  7. tsurk


    Grats Blood Elf with a Turban (Amplitude)
  8. tsurk

    Illidan - 1/10/2008 Wildhammer Alliance

  9. tsurk

    Felmyst Down - 4/16/08

    <div class="bbcode_center" style="text-align:center"> Felmyst down July 16th, 2008 </div> Hi-Res (Click) Well done, with 7 healers and no holy priests. Looking forward to twins, and recruiting holy priests. <div class="bbcode_center" style="text-align:center"> <span...
  10. tsurk

    Brutallus Down - 7/6/08

    Brutallus down July 6th, 2008 Great work all. Hi-Res (Click) <div class="bbcode_center" style="text-align:center"> <span style="color:white">http://anomaly-guild.us/forumdisplay.php?f=2 </span> </div>
  11. tsurk

    Anomaly Downs Kalecgos

    After around two hours of attempts, Anomaly marks its return by saving Kalecgos from his Demon within. It's been a long four months for me and I'm sure an even longer time for everyone in Anomaly who waited for me to return. Now we're fighting to make up lost time, and we are committed to seeing...