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  1. denellum

    YARRRRRR, OMG its no where to be found! :P

  2. denellum

    Website Anomaly_v3.0

    Still a ton of work to go, but everything is coming up pretty quickly. Thanks for all the help Tsurk!
  3. denellum

    Some division fun

    Thanks bobthetroll for bringing us some entertainment.
  4. denellum

    How to connect to mumble?!

  5. denellum

    Current Recruitment Needs

    coming soon.
  6. denellum

    Apply Here

    Who We Are: The Core of Anomaly has been around since 2007. The guild initially started in the Burning Crusades, and has successfully survived the multiple transitions over the past 3 expansions, in terms of raid size and server transfers. Simply put, we are a group of like-minded individuals...
  7. denellum


    omg test!
  8. denellum

    WTB movement abilities in vent

    so i can talk to bgizzle caxt and MICHAELLLL thank you :)
  9. denellum


    I remade the name -_-